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The “Gamma 2000 verniciature” has over 30 years in industrial painting nationally and internationally.

Over the years we have worked to improve the quality, timing, transport and related services, to achieve the desired results and highly appreciated by our customers. We can make all kinds of paint on any material: steel, cast iron, steel, aluminum, galvanized products, wood, and offer any effect of finish: smooth, textured, embossed, which, together with the highly professional workmanship and finishes accurate, guarantee a lasting unaltered in time the finished product. The companies for which we work for years, have always shown the utmost satisfaction for our services and continue to give us their trust. It ‘clear that the expertise gained, the impeccable results, the quality and durability of the finished product, as well as compliance with the agreed time, require a fee that is justified and accepted by those who point to more quality than quantity.

Gamma 2000 born as the bodywork of cars and then specialized in the finishing of manufactured articles to industrial level. All this allows to ensure the quality of the painted product. Thanks to a ‘thorough customer service, using optimal support technical and chemical by the best manufacturers of paint, Gamma 2000 is able to identify the best solution qualitative demand.

The coating technique used by us is with solvent-based liquid in the oven: This type of coating provides a ‘wide range of solutions and countless cycles possible by the characteristics of the paint. The pretreatment is determined by the type of material and surface condition, which are associated cycles of applications in series. Typically the solvent-based products require treatment cycles simpler and less burdensome in relation to products idrosolubili.

– Sanding; – Washing;
– Grouting where necessary;
– Liquid painting in oven;

warranty thicknesses and hardness using appropriate instruments of measurement which guarantee durability even on parts in contact with any industrial oils; warranty protection threaded parts or work; transport for own account or through third vectors reliable and punctual.

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Verniciatura Gamma 2000

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